Investing in Nigeria’s Emergence as a Mining Country

SMDF focuses on value creation in mining through strategic insight, industry connections, and expertise for lasting success

Our Strengths

Our core is anchored on our strategic insight, extensive industry connections, and sector proficiency. Discover how these strengths empower us to navigate complexities, secure valuable partnerships, and leverage industry expertise for lasting success.

Strategic Insight

We provide invaluable strategic guidance, offering a unique perspective that stems from years of experience in the mining sector. Our deep understanding of market trends and emerging opportunities empowers us to make informed decisions and navigate complex challenges effectively.

Extensive Industry Connections

Our extensive network within the mining industry opens doors to valuable collaborations, partnerships, and market insights. Through these connections, we facilitate valuable opportunities for our investments, from securing critical partnerships to accessing new markets and resources.

Sector Proficiency

SMDF’s team comprises industry veterans with in-depth sector expertise. This proficiency spans the entire mining value chain, from exploration to production and beyond. Our investments benefit from the wisdom and insights derived from this comprehensive industry knowledge.

Capital Allocation

Our capital allocation framework is designed to provide comprehensive financial support across the entire value chain. We offer a diverse range of investment options, tailored to the unique needs and circumstances of each mining project.

Growth Capital

Our growth capital forms the foundation of our commitment to mining ventures. We take an active stake in projects, aligning our interests with the success and growth of our partners. This not only provides essential capital but also ensures we have a vested interest in the project’s long-term success.

Project Financing

We understand that mining projects often require substantial capital to get off the ground or expand operations. Through project financing, we provide targeted financial support that is specifically structured to meet the capital needs of each project. This may include funding for construction, development, or expansion phases, with repayment structured around project milestones and cash flows.

Working Capital Financing

We recognize the importance of supporting day-to-day operations. Our working capital financing provides the necessary liquidity to cover operational expenses, procurement of essential supplies, and other immediate needs, ensuring smooth project execution.

Investment Horizon

We take a long-term approach in our investment decisions. This means we take a deliberate and thoughtful approach to our investments, with a focus on creating enduring value and sustainable growth.

Long Term

Our investment horizon allows us to exercise patience. We understand that certain mining projects require time to develop, optimize, and realize their full potential. This approach enables us to weather market fluctuations and navigate industry challenges while staying committed to our long- term objectives.

Dual Mandate

We are steadfast in our commitment to value creation. Our long-term perspective aligns with our core principle of making investments that not only generate financial returns but also contribute positively to the mining industry and the Nigerian economy as a whole.


We also maintain the flexibility to adapt to changing circumstances. We continuously evaluate our investments, ensuring they remain aligned with our value-based principles and the evolving dynamics of the mining sector.