Investment Approach for the Emergent Stage of Development

We invest across three main funds to drive the growth of the Nigerian mining industry

SMDF Growth Fund

SMDF Growth Fund invests in early-stage exploration and development projects to increase the chances of bankability.

Stimulating Exploration Activities

We recognize the significance of funding early-stage exploration to uncover new mineral resources. Given the higher underlying risk of early-stage investment, we employ a multifaceted approach to mitigate the associated risks, ensuring a balanced risk-reward profile for our partners.

Catalysing Growth

Innovation is at the core of our operation. We accelerate the growth of the mining sector and increase operational efficiency by leveraging the latest mining technologies. Innovation and early- stage mining investments serve as catalysts, propelling the mining sector forward and creating a ripple effect of economic development.

Project Development Facility

SMDF has partnered with the Africa Finance Corporation (AFC) to deploy project development funding and technical advisory to fast-track the closure and operations of commercial-scale mining projects in Nigeria

SMDF Opportunities Fund

The SMDF Opportunities Fund invests in late-stage projects and enabling infrastructure with defined cashflows and limited operational risks. These projects require long-term financing for construction, infrastructural development, and expansion.

Accelerating Development

Our investments in projects at the feasibility stage target their advancement to achieve bankability. We provide financial and technical support to accelerate the development progress of the projects to reach commercial-scale operation in Nigeria.

Optimizing Mining Projects

We invest in operational mines to boost production, enhance efficiency, and ensure long-term sustainable development. Our goal is to maximize the potential of these projects, creating value for our partners and stakeholders by optimizing operations and increasing output.

Enabling Mining Success through Infrastructure Financing

We provide robust infrastructure financing for mining projects, understanding that a well-planned and funded infrastructure is vital for the success and sustainability of mining endeavours. Our commitment to infrastructure financing ensures that mining projects have the necessary support to thrive and achieve long-term growth and prosperity.

SMDF Responsible Mining Fund

SMDF Responsible Mining Fund reinforces our commitment to the sustainable development of the Nigerian mining industry. We actively support activities that advance sustainable mining practices including responsible sourcing, artisanal miners’ formalisation, community development, decarbonisation, waste reduction, and environmental conservation.

Formalizing Artisanal Miners

Our approach prioritizes the formalization of artisanal miners, providing them with legal recognition, resources, and training. Our formalization approach creates opportunities for artisanal miners to improve their livelihoods while ensuring compliance with regulatory standards.

Fair Trade Principles

We actively engage with local communities to ensure mining operations align with their needs and expectations. We advocate for transparent supply chains, ensuring that minerals are sourced ethically and free from conflict. Our commitment to fair trade principles benefits not only artisanal miners but also consumers who seek ethically sourced minerals.